A Greenwich associate of convicted hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been found guilty of attacking a 16-year-old boy who was cuddling his girlfriend.

Michael Coe, of Devenish Road, was convicted of actual bodily harm after he smashed the teenager’s head into a wall and kicked him in the head at Wilson Road in Newham.

The 35-year-old was also found guilty of assaulting a witness who had taken photos of the attack on his phone.

Southwark Crown Court heard how Coe pulled up in his silver Ford Focus when he saw the teenage couple hugging at a bus stop.

He told the boy to leave the girl alone before getting out the car and asking if they were Muslim, calling the girl a whore.

When the boy remonstrated with Coe for speaking to his girlfriend in this way, Coe smashed the teenager’s head against a wall, knocking him out.

After the victim fell to the floor Coe kicked him in the head and made to leave before he saw a man taking pictures on his mobile phone.

He got out and tried in vain to wrest the phone from the witness before picking him up and throwing him to the floor and driving off.

Michael Coe was a known associate of Anjem Choudary (REUTERS/Stephen Hird)

The boy suffered cuts to the head while the man escaped without serious injuries.

Coe was arrested after police tracked the number plate captured on the man’s mobile phone.

He claimed that the girl was in distress but prosecutors said the attack had religious overtones.

Newham borough commander Tony Nash said: “Coe tried to save himself from prosecution by purporting to be some kind of hero, coming to the rescue of a girl he had in fact been abusive to.

“It was fortunate that both victims did not suffer serious physical injuries, although the mental and emotional impact on them, and the teenage girl who witnessed the attack, is difficult to gauge.

“I’m grateful to the second victim, who bravely took photos of the incident, at risk to himself. This evidence enabled us to quickly identify Coe. He also provided crucial witness testimony at the trial.

“Newham has a diverse and tolerant community profile and from this comes its strength to be a cohesive and progressive society.

“By working together, police and the communities we serve can help ensure that those who attempt to unbalance this through criminal behaviour are brought to face justice, as in this case.”

Coe, also known as Mikaeel Ibrahim, has a violent history, serving an eight-year term in 2007 for firing a shotgun at police.

He was radicalised in prison by Al-Qaeda terrorist Dhiren Barot and became a close associate of Choudary when he joined the banned organisation Al-Muhajiroun.

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