The Tower Hamlets Green Party have launched their election campaign by highlight threats to the NHS and GPs’ surgeries.

Candidates Alistair Polson in Bethnal Green and Bow and Maureen Childs in Poplar and Limehouse were joined by medical professionals and Green Party deputy leader Shahrar Ali opposite the Royal London Hospital to protest at what they say is a threat to local services.

A key drive of their local campaign is to challenge the private finance deals at the Royal London Hospital and Barts as well as combat the change in funding arrangements for surgeries which brings their viability into question.

Mr Polson said: “The Green Party want to surgically remove the artificial internal market from the NHS.

"We currently waste £8billion a year on this unnecessary arrangement. We will ensure year on year increases in the NHS budget and we need to save our surgeries from cuts."

Ms Childs said: “The NHS is heading in the wrong direction, and poor and vulnerable people are suffering because of it.

“There are no social care places available in the whole of Tower Hamlets, and without properly funded care, the old, the poor and the vulnerable are likely to be in crisis.”