Hallelujah! At last a judge who, remarkably, sees sense, is in touch with the common man, who understands what it is to be a parent.

The High Court has ruled that father Jon Platt had no case to answer after he refused to pay a fine for taking his daughter on holiday in term time.

Parents across the country will be high fiving – and, hopefully, the greedy travel companies will be groaning.

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If anyone should be in the dock, facing charges, it should be travel companies that inflate their prices during school holidays. They know they have a captive market – and, boy, do they make sure parents pay as a result of it.

Book a holiday a week earlier, or later outside of the standard school holiday periods, and you can save, quite literally, thousands of pounds.

There should be a cap on the mark-up travel companies are allowed to put on the cost of holidays in school holiday periods. £200 on the total cost max. If they exceed that then they can be taken to court.

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It would end the farce that is the £60 fixed penalty fine levied at parents who take their children out of school without permission during school term time.

This was the amount Mr Platt refused to pay out of principle when he took his daughter to Disney World in April 2015.


He could have paid the £60 out of the thousands he saved on the dream trip to the US. He could have paid the fine that was doubled to £120 after he missed the payment deadline but he chose not to, preferring to take his chances in the High Court.

Fortunately, for every working parent out there, Mr Platt successfully argued there was no case to answer proving that even with the holiday and other absence his daughter had attended school regularly, remained above 90%, in accordance to a section of the Education Act 1996 .

I salute you Jon Platt. And I hope parents across the country will follow suit. It’s time the tables were turned on tour operators and travel companies. Until they play by the rules – and are punished for unfair practice – then parents need to unite and hit them where it hurts.