In his Autumn Statement Chancellor Philip Hammond chose not to pledge one single extra pound to fund the NHS or social care. In fact he didn’t even mention either in his speech.

It won’t have gone unnoticed to residents in Tower Hamlets, the stress our GP surgeries and Accident And Emergency departments are under – this is a national problem, fast becoming a national crisis.

The Government is in denial over the state of our public services and the facts paint a grim picture – the NHS is in a deficit of £2.45billion, with 3.9million people on waiting lists and patients in A&E facing longer waiting times.

Social care is in even more disarray after the Tories plunged the sector into financial crisis after cuts of £4.6billion.

This has resulted in one million vulnerable people not receiving the care they so desperately need.

The Government is failing in its duty of care and is putting the health of the nation at risk.

Instead of addressing what everyone sees as a clear problem of underfunding, the Tories have decided to shift attention and play the blame game.

One of many recent examples was their shameful proposal that patients be forced to show passports before receiving treatment, a policy that was condemned by doctors and nurses over fears for marginalised groups.

Given the fact health tourism equates to roughly 1% of NHS debt it would have almost no impact.

The NHS is facing the biggest financial squeeze in its history but the chancellor refuses to acknowledge the problem.

He needs to come back to the public with a plan to save our NHS.

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