The Government has been told to “get a grip” over Brexit during a meeting of the London Assembly’s economy committee .

Members grilled a panel of experts during the two-hour session at City Hall, with the focus solely on the effect leaving the EU could have on the capital and its economy.

Most were in agreement that the current state of UK politics, particularly not knowing who would be Prime Minister, was causing anxiety in the capital.

London School of Economics director Tony Travers said: “The national political class, those who run our main political parties, need to get a grip and provide some sense of where the Government is going.

“This is a strange period at the moment where it’s not clear who really is in charge. People need to know who is governing and it needs to be done sooner rather than later.”

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The panel also kept coming back to the issue of confidence and the recent statements by the mayor Sadiq Khan that London was open for business.

Matthew Jaffa, senior development manager at the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “The confidence has to be there.

“We need confidence that we are open for business. We are still waiting on that political leadership at national level.”

Mark Littlewood, Institute of Economic Affairs director general, said: “You can’t have a political leadership that says that London is open for business while they are unable to decide whether to lay down a bit of tarmac at an airport.

“What we need is substance and decision making.”

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The other issues that came up included the capital’s ability to trade and attract inward investment, the financial and business services sector, immigration and the possibility of greater devolution of powers to London.

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