Wharfers tested their knowledge at our annual Wharf Quiz last night - which saw victory for the DLR Kads.

Questions ranged from what is the age of Diesel (a 20 months old explosives dog recently featured in The Wharf)? to name all the American states which have the letters U, S and A in them (Massachusetts, South Carolina, South Dakota and Louisiana)?

Champions, the DLR Kads were very pleased to be taking home the much sought after Wharf Quiz trophy - moving up from last year when they came second.

Franchise manager David West said: “It feels fantastic to win. We did best in the geography round - we got full marks in that one. Music was the only one we were a bit shaky on though.

“I think if we’d had a round on common sense we would’ve failed that.”

The team that came in last place - and went home with wooden spatulas - were The Geeks - but they were happy with their consultation prize.

Barrister David Stephenson said: “I’m looking forward to making myself a mushroom omelette in the morning. This one’s way better than my spatula at home, so I’m happy to get this.”

TMP Solicitor Jacqueline McGuigan said: “We have a table of lawyers and barristers here and we came last - I think it’s back to school for us.”

Also during the night was a raffle, which featured prizes from Amerigo Vespucci and Limehouse Marina Elite.

Ahead of the quiz Sameer Yousuf from Gawor & Co - which was the main sponsor for the event - chatted to us about his hopes for his team Victoria Concordia Intelligentiam.

He said: “We’ve been sponsoring Wharf events for a while and we love the fact that they bring people from around the area together.

"Most of the people here tonight we’ve worked with or met before - it’s sort of like a family really.

“Last year we came about fourth so we are hoping to win this year - we think our specialist skills are general knowledge and sport, but we’ll see what questions come up.

“Personally I’d like to see some questions on Arsenal or the Premier League. We have our teammate JC who’s pretty much a semi-pro karaoke singer, so we’re leaving music and entertainment down to him.”

Focusing on the company, Sameer said the team was waiting for the election to go through but he felt the property market was going to have positive growth towards the end of the year.

He said: “There are very positive vibrations - I would say more for new developments. I think within the next six to 12 months there will be rise in these - we have a lot coming up.”