A new 930-passenger cruise liner has moored in Greenwich today - making it the largest cruise ship to dock in the borough.

She is passing through our neck of the woods on her maiden voyage from Istanbul to Venice, which began on April 15.

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Viking Cruises chairman Torstein Hagen said: “We have always believed that cruising should be about connecting you to your destination – not just taking you to places on a map. It is our view that in the race to build bigger ships, many cruise lines have lost sight of the destinations to which they sail.

“With our new ocean cruises, we have created a new kind of vessel that is smaller in size and smarter in design, offering an alternative to today’s mega liners.”

She will set sail for Bergen at 8am tomorrow, so if you want to have a look, head down there today.

Below are a few reasons you might want to set sail on a Viking Star this summer

  • An infinity pool - this is the first pool of this kind at sea and is set over the stern so will have fantastic sea views.
  • A snow grotto - this spa by Swedish company LivNordic - comes complete with this unusual feature where passengers (who choose to, of course) must walk through thick snow to get to a beach at the back.
  • Free wi-fi - although many ships have offered this for a while it has only been to a few, whereas Viking Star will be offering free wi-fi for all passengers.

And how much does it cost? Well, for the 8-day Mediterranean Getaway trip (Rome to Barcelona) prices start at £2,149pp or for the slightly more pricey 15-day Viking Homelands trip (Stockholm to Bergen) it's £4,299pp.