Shamed former Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman has seen thousands of pounds worth of assets frozen by a High Court judge.

In April this year, Rahman was found guilty by election commissioner Richard Mawrey of corrupt and illegal practices while running for re-election as mayor of Tower Hamlets.

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The case was brought to court – and won – by four voters, headed by local campaigner Andy Erlam.

As part of the judgement Mr Mawrey ordered that Rahman should pay the four voters’ legal costs, estimated to be around £500,000, and must hand over £250,000 on account.

However, Mr Erlam told High Court judge Mr Justice Edis on Tuesday, July 7, that none of the money owed had been paid.

Mr Edis subsequently ordered £350,000 of Rahman’s assets be frozen. He has also been restricted to £500 a week pocket money.