1. Make use of the river

The Thames Clippers serve Canary Wharf pier regularly which is about half an hour from either Waterloo or Woolwich. Stops include Westminster, Embankment, Blackfriars, Bankside, London Bridge and Tower Piers to the west and Greenland, Masthouse and Greenwich to the east. There is also a shuttle service from Tower Bridge, which takes just 13 minutes. You can even use your Oyster card on them but expect long queues in central London to head over this way.

Top tip: Get there early. Really, really early.

2. Uber it

Taxi app firm Uber will expect to do plenty of business and if you're in a hurr, it’s probably worth a look. (Will they hike up their prices?) A morning trip from faraway Chelsea, for example, will set you back around £20.

Top tip: Use the “fare estimate” button before ordering if you’re keeping a tight grip on the purse strings.

3. Black cab it

If you want to show solidarity with the cabbies whose livelihoods is under threat from No.2 then hail on and pat him on the back for maintaining a tradition dating back many decades. Of course, they may be in short supply... Blame Boris, that's always a conversation starter.

4. Get on yer bike

A Santander cycle, or “Boris bike” could be the perfect solution to escaping the rat-trap of public transport.

There are a huge number of spaces to dock the bike or pick one up on your way home in Canary wharf too, including North Quay West, Churchill Place, West Plaza, South Quay West, Heron Quay, Montgomery Square, Upper Bank Street and South Quay East.

Top tip: Don’t go for the one in front of the Tube, everyone will think of that. Bikes can be picked up all over the Isle of Dogs.

5. You could drive, but...

There are 2,500 public parking spaces in Canary Wharf, but at £26.50 for a day it’s not very cheap and the estate has shut its official car parks during strikes before. It’s also likely to be super busy with hefty traffic jams a virtual certainty.

Top tip: If you must get behind the wheel there’s a cheaper NCP in West India Quay or some parking on the Isle of Dogs, good luck.


We love the DLR but that's going to be just as tricky at peak hours.

10.40am Update: DLR is now said to be running normally.