A campaign has been launched to rebuild the fire-devastated superclub Studio 338.

The Greenwich Peninsula venue was almost totally destroyed in the blaze which claimed the life of employee Tomas Ceidukas. The 28-year-old was fatally injured when flames engulfed the site on Monday, August 8.

Initially the club launched a campaign to raise funds for his family to help send his body home to Lithuania and pay for a memorial service. Bosses will match the amount raised which so far totals more than £9,690 which they said was “incredible” and made them feel part of a “family”.

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Studio 338 employee Tomas Ceidukas was fatally injured in the fire

They have now launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise £100,00 towards the £700,000 needed to rebuild the terrace, which had only been added to the venue a few months before the fire. People who donate will be given rewards ranging from their name on a permanent ‘Family Wall’ in the entrance to the terrace, to tickets to the re-opening party.

Music and events director Dan Perrin said: “Obviously the past few weeks have been some of the hardest of my life so far. Anyone who knows me and the team here will be aware that getting Studio 338 to where it was before the fire took a huge amount of passion and hard work so to watch it burn down just a few weeks after we had finally installed the long awaited glass roof was almost too much to bear.

“Subsequently to find out about Tomas injuries and then for him to lose his battle almost broke us.

“We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received and we just cant let all the magic burn away. I want to be back to where we had been as soon as possible, surrounded by the music loving family we have built over the past two and half years, enjoying being together on the terrace once again.

“I am aware that what we are asking for is a lot of love. We have always prided ourselves on supporting charities like Contact the Elderly, Kids Company and individual causes for those who needed us but I promise to redouble this effort when we re-open and pay forward any help we get here so that this good deed can butterfly into many more and from the fire something beautiful will be born.”

The fire destroyed most of Studio 338 and several surrounding buildings. Photo London Fire Brigade

Kickstarter campaigns are “all or nothing” so if they do not hit their fundraising target they will not get any of the money. So far they have raised £315 through 35 backers.

If they hit their target but do not reopen all money raised will be donated to Music and the Deaf a charity which supports and promotes musical enjoyment amongst the hard of hearing and deaf communities.

A one-off club night, Sankeys Loves 338 - Sankeys All Stars Lineup at KOKO, is also being hosted on Saturday, September 17 to support the campaign, with the line-up to be announced at a later date.

In a statement Sankey said: "To see it go up in flames last Monday and then to hear later that our friend Tomas had sadly passed away was almost too much to take.

"However, the unbeatable Studio 338 team are already planning their rebuild and we want to stand with them in solidarity and help to raise the first money to begin the process of reopening the Terrace so we can once more dance in our London home as soon as possible."

Support the campaign here