Fast and Furious wannabes have moved to the Isle of Dogs after they were kicked out of Newham .

The boy racers used to be a menace to Tower Hamlets residents back in 2012, but after being moved away from the area they made Newham their new skidding ground.

However, they are now back revving their engines in Westferry Circus and driving in convoy through Limehouse Link Tunnel .

Canary Wharf councillor Andrew Wood said: “Residents reported they could not drive through Westferry Circus (on Saturday) because of the boy racers.

Boy racers in Limehouse Link tunnel

“I have asked Tower Hamlets Council to use new powers introduced by the Government in 2014 to discourage this kind of behaviour so that residents can use the roads again.”

The powers Cllr Wood is referring to come under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, which allows the police and council to fine people behaving antisocially in an area. This is called a Public Spaces Protection Order.

Cllr Wood added: “We used to have a real problem with boy racers in the area although what they like to do is drive slowly, rev there engines and make a lot of noise which they prefer to do in an enclosed space like Westferry Circus at ground level or in the Limehouse Link tunnel.

“They drive so slowly that other drivers are forced to turn around and then drive the wrong way in order to find another route.

“This used to be a big problem in the area until they moved away to the area in Newham close to London City Airport. Newham Council are kicking them out so it looks like they will return to the area.”

Tower Hamlets Council was not immediately available for comment.