Plans for a cruise terminal at Enderby Wharf have been halted while it is assessed how ship emissions and noise will impact residents.

Greenwich Council have delayed the planning decision so that these two features - which are now part of the Environmental Impact Assessment - can be properly addressed.

Island Gardens resident Ralph Hardwick said the impact from cruise ships docking at the wharf would damage quality of life in the area.

He said: "The scoping document did not adequately cover emissions from cruise ships moored at Enderby Wharf.

"I have put a lot of pressure along with others (on Greenwich Council) to ensure that any ship moored uses ground power from the national grid for 'hotelling', and does not sit there belching out fumes into the local environment."

Within a letter from the council's directorate of regeneration, enterprise and skills it states: "The key issues that need to be considered are site layout and design, noise, air quality, lighting, transport and access.

"The noise, air quality and lighting assessments should consider the implications at the application site of Tunnel Wharf being reactivated for water borne cargo handling. Mitigation measures should be identified if required.

"The development should not only mitigate adverse effects, but also enhance the site and the surrounding area.

"Section 3.2 of the (scoping) report identifies sensitive receptors, this does not currently include any noise sensitive properties in Tower Hamlets which may be adversely affected by the tidal/piling works required to construct the proposed cruise liner jetty/terminal or the operation of the completed terminal."