Council officers are recommending councillors give Greenwich cruise terminal plans the go ahead despite concerns over air quality and the extra noise and traffic it could create.

Plans for the Enderby Wharf facility, off Christchurch Way, would see cruise liners moored in the middle of the Thames between two residential areas.

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In their report officers have urged Greenwich Council’s Planning Board to grant permission for the terminal to be constructed.

The proposals include a terminal building, skills academy, 477 residential units and shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and parking.

But the plans are causing concern locally.

Ralph Hardwick, who lives on the opposite side of the Thames to the proposed development, is concerned over the potential pollution it could bring to the area.

He said: “I am concerned about the threat to air quality to me and other residents who live close to the River Thames where the terminal is proposed.

“There are many documents that identify the risk to health from cruise ship emissions and an EU directive exists that recommends ports adopt a shore-side power supply such that vessels can turn off their engines.

“The River Thames is one of London’s arteries but every vessel that uses it has no emissions control post combustion whatsoever.

“They are all pouring pollutants into the air Londoners are breathing. Currently no government department appears to own this problem.

“There is a significant conflict between air quality documents that give guidance to London boroughs and the Greater London Authority’s comment in response to the planning application.”

Tower Hamlets Green Party chair Daniel Lee has also written to the council about his concerns over transport, air pollution, privacy and noise.

In the letter, he states: “It is clear the proposed development, and indeed a significantly enlarged development, of a cruise ferry terminal at Enderby Wharf on the Greenwich side of the Thames is going to have significant negative impacts on Tower Hamlets residents, particularly those residents living on the Isle of Dogs.

“The most immediate of these is the impact on local and London-wide air pollution. London is already in serious breach of European air pollution regulations.

“Nearly 5,000 people die in London every year due to the effects of air pollution in the capital according to the GLA and Tower Hamlets residents are particularly affected.

“The proposed development is likely to significantly increase local air pollution which will have extremely negative effects on our residents, particularly the young, old and those in poor health.”

To combat some of these issues, Mr Lee suggested a provision of on-shore power, possibly using tidal power locally from the Thames as an alternative.

“While there are legitimate concerns from Greenwich residents of the increased traffic around the site, on the Tower Hamlets side we are likely to see large pressures placed on the DLR.

“There are further concerns from Tower Hamlets residents on the Isle of Dogs nearer the river side on privacy and noise grounds. This development has the potential to seriously affect quality of life.

“Ships of this size have not been seen regularly on the river before, let alone in port for a number of days.”

Greenwich Council and applicant have been approached for comment.