Canada Square Park is looking a little emptier than usual after the removal of an iconic sculpture.

Ron Arad’s The Big Blue has sat proudly in the park since 2000, but has been removed to leave the grass square clear.

The Canary Wharf Group’s arts and events map described The Big Blue as “a huge, asymmetric glass fibre object, it rests on a ring of structural glazing that makes it appear to float above the ground”.

On his website , Arad said the sculpture was made using advanced boat building techniques, and “acts as a visual link between the ground level park and the shopping centre below”.

A spokeswoman for Canary Wharf Group confirmed the sculpture had been removed and said it was time for a change.

She said there were no plans to replace it with another work.

In a statement, a spokesperson said: "The Big Blue, by Ron Arad, has provided a unique visual point in Canada Square Park since 2000.

"Art throughout our history has always played a fundamental role in the creation of indoor and outdoor spaces for people in Canary Wharf to enjoy. We have an award-winning collection that now includes over 65 pieces of permanent art alongside a year-round exhibition programme.

"We have decided to remove The Big Blue. We are sorry to see it go, but you will still be able to enjoy Ron Arad's Windwand piece at Westferry Circus alongside the numerous other pieces of art located within the estate.

"Our art collection will continue to grow in future years with the addition of our New District, 23 acre development site that will include parks, squares and gardens, and other development on the estate."

Canary Wharf Park is set to welcome a summer programme of events including an outdoor production of Romeo And Juliet on July 24 and a Best Of British concert on July 25.

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