Vice squad cops arrested eight men in Tower Hamlets on suspicion of kerb crawling.

The blitz on the use of street prostitutes in east London took place in the Chester Street area of Bethnal Green over two nights.

All were arrested for soliciting for the purposes of obtaining sexual services in a public place. Two of the men were charged while seven were given cautions.

A ninth man was arrested for suspicion of possessing Class B drugs.

Sgt David Deal of the Tower Hamlets Police's Vice Team said: "We are committed to tackling the issue of prostitution around the Chester Street area and elsewhere in Bethnal Green. We understand that prostitution is not a stand-alone offence but also attracts drugs and other criminality.

"We will continue to pursue men who frequent these areas. Anyone who comes to Tower Hamlets to visit street sex workers is likely to find themselves visiting a police cell instead."

Police made the arrests on February 6 and 7.