The long-standing MP for Poplar and Limehouse has confirmed he will run again in the snap general election despite voting against it in Parliament.

Jim Fitzpatrick was one of 13 members to oppose the surprise election on Wednesday, April 19, with 522 MP’s voting to back the June 8 poll.

He has accused Prime Minister Theresa May of political opportunism in calling for an early vote.

Mr Fitzpatrick has been a Labour MP since winning the east London seat in 1997 and had said he would stand down at the next general election.

However, in a statement he said: “I had previously said I would stand down in 2020, but it’s only 2017.

“I didn’t foresee an early election and was shocked by the Prime Minister’s announcement, especially given the number of times she said she wouldn’t call one.

“It is sheer political opportunism at a time of great uncertainty for the country.

“The Tories will focus solely on Brexit in the coming weeks but this election is about far, far more than that.

“Living standards are falling, wages have stagnated, local council budgets are being slashed, child poverty is on the rise, social care is in crisis, school budgets are being cut and our NHS is in deep trouble.

“Never a day goes by without a constituent raising their concerns.

“Constituents in Poplar And Limehouse must unite around these issues and fight hard for a Labour victory.

“Tower Hamlets cannot afford another five years of the Tories and neither can the country.”

Mr Fitzpatrick has been a strong critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, previously saying he was not the right person to lead the party to victory after the EU referendum last year.

However, speaking to The Wharf on Tuesday, April 18, Mr Fitzpatrick insisted Mr Corbyn had his support.

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