A report from a local charity has revealed the East End is “significantly” underperforming in several areas including housing and safety.

The findings from the East End Community Foundation graded east London on 10 social themes, awarding the area an A in cultural heritage and the local economy, but the lowest grade, E, on housing and safety.

According to the report, titled Vital Signs, the cost of housing in the East End continue to be high compared to the earnings of local people and that one in three people think that housing is an area of major concern.

In terms of safety, the East End’s crime rate for the past three years is worse than 80% of boroughs in the country, with 60% feeling unsafe after dark.

East End Community Foundation chief executive Tracey Walsh said: “While it’s great to see that according to national statistics there have been improvements in unemployment rates and wellbeing since we first launched the Vital Signs project in 2014, the data shows the East End is still comparatively more deprived to other areas in London and the UK, and does have issues of real need.

“We already know that local authorities, businesses and charities are doing their part to improve their communities.

“Our local giving funds – Hackney Giving and Newham Giving are prime examples of positive impact through a multi-donor approach and, building on their success, Tower Hamlets Giving will be launched in 2017.

“By understanding the facts, and working together, we can have a greater impact than many organisations working independently.

“I passionately believe that a collaborative, joined-up approach to tackling local issues is the only way to make a real difference.”

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