The Duke of York paid a visit to Greenwich Market to unveil completed renovation work at the site.

Prince Andrew spoke to business people and members of crown charity Greenwich Hospital at the celebratory ceremony on Wednesday, April 20.

His presence marked the end of the centre’s renovation , which saw work done to the roof and the walkways as well as the creation of a pavilion.

In a speech to onlookers, Prince Andrew said: “My naval career took me to Greenwich many years ago as a student.

“Unfortunately, while I was studying at the Royal Naval College I never had the opportunity to come and visit the market.

“I was shown what the market used to be like and the plans for the work. I have to say, I am really, really impressed with what has been achieved.

Prince Andrew speaks to John-Harry Jackson, co-founder of Sheepys

“I would like to say congratulations to everybody who has participated and collaborated in this project and I do wish every success to those who use or make use of the market.

“This is a great addition. Congratulations and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here. I have been truly inspired by the stall holders.”

The roof of the market now has glass, lighting and electrics installed and the modern brick walkways were replaced with granite panels.

The pavilion provides a new seating area for market visitors and includes the sculpture Encompass by Michael Speller, which takes the form of an open bronze sphere.

Greenwich Hospital’s head of property Gillie Bexson led the renovation project.

She said: “Greenwich is home to many wonderful buildings within the world heritage site and it is also, very importantly, a living and evolving part of London with a thriving local community.

Prince Andrew pictured through Encompass

“The wellbeing of the Greenwich locals, both now and in the future, is at the heart of these enhancement works. Now we have polished our family silver, it is looking fantastic.”

Nicole Bissett, co-founder of Sheepys , was one of the stall holders who spoke to Prince Andrew about her business.

She said: “We feel grateful for the buzz and sense of pride that came with sharing this celebration with royalty.

“Prince Andrew asked about Sheepys and we were delighted to tell him about our manufacturing and sheep farming history.

“He told us that he was inspired by our family-run business and our British craftsmanship, making leather and sheepskin pieces locally.”