Driverless vans will take to the streets of Greenwich next year in a Government funded trial.

The electric vans will take a route through the borough in a mock delivery run between a shop to a home or warehouse.

Images of the vehicles are yet to be released, but they could be as big as a Mercedes Sprinter and will be more like a shuttle or pod than a prototype that was released earlier this year.

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Each van will also have a ‘driver’ inside the vehicle to grab the steering wheel if something goes wrong.

A driverless car that the Transport Research Laboratory trialled at The O2 in February 2015. The team say the vans will look very different to the car and more like shuttles or pods

The project is being run by Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) , who are looking into whether autonomous vans could let firms move to a 24-hour delivery system and reduce rush hour congestion.

TRL project leader Dr Nick Reed told The Sunday Times said: “It’s about demonstrating the concept and then thinking about how that changes the business model for logistics and deliveries.

“It means you can do things around the clock.

“Driverless vans could improve safety because of “human error being a contributory factor in the majority of incidents."