It’s so refreshing to listen to a TV presenter voicing common sense, saying it how it is.

On Tuesday while guest hosting ITV’s Good Morning Britain Eamonn Holmes challenged a leading child behavioural expert over her belief there should be a law stating at what age a child still needed supervision at home.

The Irishman, who is covering for Piers Morgan on the breakfast show, was visibly outraged when expert Lorrine Marer said it was wrong to leave anyone under the age of 14 at home alone.

Lorrine Marer on GMB

Ms Marer suggested that children weren’t mature enough to be able to make conscious decisions about safety and, said (literally) left to their own devices, they would spend all their time either watching TV or playing on computer games which she concluded was wholly wrong.

The broadcaster argued that children under 14 were more than capable to be left unsupervised and should to be allowed to do what they wanted, adding that today’s society was “just mollycoddling children, wrapping them up in too much cotton wool”.

We don’t need a law telling parents at what age they can leave their children unsupervised. It should be a judgment call. Parents know their own child, know whether they are sensible enough and equipped to handle the responsibility of looking after oneself.

Master A is nine. I’m not convinced he’s grown up enough to be left home alone all day but I do find the idea appealing especially with the summer holidays now here and the stress it brings with it trying to fill the next six weeks with activities for him while I’m at work.

I’m sure if I did stick him in front of the Xbox, with a set of controllers, playing Lego Worlds or Minecraft before I left for work he’d be in the same position some eight hours later when I returned home again. And the scary fact is he probably wouldn’t even notice I’d been gone.

One law does not fit all so please leave the parenting up to parents.

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