Have you seen the seal swimming in the docks near Canary Wharf?

“George” has been spotted by Canary Wharf workers and nearby residents while taking his morning swim towards Billingsgate Fish Market, presumably for a spot of breakfast.

Larissa Ashworth from Chestertons said she often sees George swimming around with a drain pipe in his mouth.

She said: “He hangs about in Millwall Dock and makes appearances a few times a year.

“I think he goes for food in the morning at Billingsgate.

'George' the seal

“He sometimes turns up with a drain pipe in his mouth so where I sit you suddenly see this pole drifting along in the water.

“I saw him yesterday and haven’t seen him for a few months before that, my colleague says he sometimes sunbathes on the raft in the water.”

We wonder if George could be a friend of Sammy the seal, who used to frequent Docklands and Billingsgate.