An Isle of Dogs family has pledged to tackle the stigma surrounding non-alcoholic beer and help to improve people’s health with FitBeer.

Becky and Joe Kean from South Quay decided to go into the alcohol-free trade after discovering a lack of choice on the menu in pubs and bars around Canary Wharf.

The discovery was made after their father, Jim, recovered from alcoholism and began drinking alcohol-free beer as a way of staving off his addiction.

After Jim sampled several beverages from Germany, Becky and Joe decided to shake up people’s perceptions of non-alcoholic drinks and found a Bavarian-brewed beer to bring into the Docklands market.

As well as providing more choice to those who want restraint, the pair are hoping to provide an alternative that is tastier and healthier.

Becky, 26, said: “I’ve been in business and Joe has worked in the pub industry a lot but this is a new venture for both of us.

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“We want to make it a drink that’s accessible not just for people who can’t drink but for people who don’t want to drink because of positive reasons like health and fitness.

“It’s crisp, it’s refreshing and it tastes like a nice beer.”

The latest mock-up of the FitBeer bottle

Joe, 24, said: “There’s not much choice out there. There are so many places you go in and there’s only one option on the menu.

“This is like an adult soft drink. It’s a very natural drink. The craft beer industry has really taken off recently and there’s been a lot of innovation and progress.”

The family are currently finalising their brand and the aim is to place a large order with the brewer in Bavaria to get FitBeer out into pubs, bars and even gyms around October.

But with the work-hard, play-hard attitude rife in Canary Wharf, Becky admitted it would be a challenge to convince punters to go for the softer product.

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Becky said: “A big part of what we want to do is change people’s perceptions. We want to make a product that people pick out of choice. These days people are trying to improve their fitness and their health.

“Cutting down alcohol is a big part of that but in our society people drink as a part of their social life so it’s really hard to cut down alcohol without losing your social life.”

“Once you remove the alcohol you remove a lot of the calories. That’s why we call it FitBeer as it’s only 66 calories (per 330ml bottle) and it’s an isotonic drink. You can even drink it after a workout.”

Joe said: “We understand not everyone is going to start drinking it. It will be a minority but there are quite a few who choose not to drink alcohol but they still want to go out.”

A typical pint of lager has 180 calories.

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