The wife of fallen politician Lutfur Rahman will be in court this week to hear a judgment on whether her claim she is the beneficiary of a property in her husband's name is deemed true.

Ayesha Farid gave evidence in a case looking at her husband’s ability to pay court costs incurred by four petitioners who took Mr Rahman to court for electoral fraud.

Mrs Farid will be back in court on Friday, January 29, for the verdict.

In an email from lead petitioner, Andy Erlam, he said: "There will not be any argument regarding costs at this hearing, as Mrs Farid's counsel has said (Mr Rahman) is not available, so there will be another hearing regarding costs, once the judgment has been received."

The trial was looking into £500,000 owed by Mr Rahman, to the petitoners after the former mayor of Tower Hamlets was found guilty of electoral fraud in April 2015.

Richard Mawrey QC found Mr Rahman guilty of fraudulent practices during the 2014 Tower Hamlets mayoral election.

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He ordered the petitioners costs be fully repaid, but they have not received a penny and took the case to the High Court of Justice Chancery Division in a bid to get the money.

Mr Rahman was declared bankrupt on Wednesday, November 18, and has not provided “any challenge” to the current case against him.

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Instead, his wife has claimed she is a beneficiary of the property that is at the centre of the trial - 3 Grace Street in Bromley-by-Bow - despite rental payments and mortgage payments solely being dealt with by Mr Rahman.