David Haye sensationally announced his return to fighting in typical style, trash-talking his opponent and comparing himself to boxing greats.

Haye, who is set to fight Australian Mark De Mori at The O2 in January 2016, compared himself to Muhammad Ali, so confident is he after three years out of the ring.

At a press conference at The O2 , he said: “From a physical standpoint, I feel great I have had a lot of hard training over the last 25 years. I have been in the gym working hard.

“I have gone from strength to strength. I am 35, but I feel like I’m 26 or 27.”

Despite being out of the ring for three years, Haye took the opportunity to have a pop at his opponent.

“This fight came about when I asked my fans who they thought I should fight,” he said. “Mark very quickly said ‘I will fight you’.

“I had a look at his record. It was quite impressive, but he’s not really fought anyone of any great significance in my opinion.

“‘The Dominator’ hasn’t had a shot yet, but I doubt he will dominate the Hayemaker’.”

However, Haye warned that he may not be at his fighting best just yet.

“Maybe (De Mori) will get confidence from the fact I have not boxed for a long time.

“Muhammad Ali didn’t box for four years and he lost his comeback fight,” he said. “But that was against Joe Frazier, and I don’t think this guy is in Joe Frazier’s league.

“I am not sure whether I will be the same Hayemaker.”

De Mori, who has won 25 of his 33 career bouts by knockout, suggested Haye would soon be yesterday’s man.

David Haye and Mark De Mori square up

“I followed David Haye’s career,” he said. “I know what to expect – he is very physical and agile.

“All great fighters crumble eventually, just like the Ottoman and Roman empires.

“It’s normally by some guy who trains up, believes in himself and refuses to read the script.”

The fight will take place at The O2 on January 16, 2016. Tickets will go on general sale on Friday, November 27.