Fans of Japanese culture flocked to Tobacco Dock to experience a more oriental festive celebration at the Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016 .

Many customers dressed for the occasion as they perused the various gifts on offer including plushies, Japanese snacks and various handcrafted items.

Among the unusual but tasty treats was a gluten free wasabi cupcake crafted by Sarah Hilleary, director of B-Tempted .

She said: “In the base we have a wasabi paste with lemon zest. The frosting has wasabi powder with a bit of paste and it’s an entirely gluten-free cupcake.

Sarah Hilleary from B-Tempted shows off her wasabi cupcakes

“I have been doing this for five years and we were asked to come up with this cupcake. I thought it was a great idea and I love rising to a challenge.

“It took me three attempts to come up with this. The first was a little dry and didn’t have the wasabi flavour, getting the balance right between spice and sweet is quite a challenge.

Visitors were dressed for the occasion

“This is my first time to Hyper Japan and I think it’s great. I’m really looking forward to running around over the weekend and getting to see a bit of the atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, Tomokazu Matsuya, head chef and restaurant manager of Sushi Bar Atariya at Ealing Common,who showed off his skills to members of the press and other VIPs during a sushi-making demonstration.

And popular Japanese TV channel NHK World brought along their beloved character Domo and spoke about their new anime The Dragon Dentist.

Naho Kaneko, promoter at NHK World, said: “This is our second time here and we enjoy it so much. Every year it’s getting better and better. We do Hyper Japan in the summer and winter time is really good and they have a lot of gifts.

Fujita Manabu from Malibu Design Factory with one of his handcrafted letter openers

“There are a lot of fans of Japanese culture around here and we get a lot of people coming in. They know our mascot Domo and he’s coming in to take pictures with people.

“He is really popular and we get so many people queuing up for him. There are a lot of people here who have a huge interest in Japan.”

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