Crimes committed by moped riders have soared in London this year with an average of 54 victims targeted every day.

The latest figures released by the Metropolitan Police show 8,192 moped-enabled offences were carried out between January 1 and May 31, 2017.

That’s 905 less than were recorded over the whole of 2016 (25 victims a day) and 3,526 more than were recorded the year before that (13 victims a day).

If the crimes continue at the same rate for the rest of the year, London would see a total of 19,660.

In 2014, there were 1,056 reports of crimes on scooters, considerably less than the average number of offences in just one month in 2017 (1,638).

Delivery drivers gathered to help the victim of the first of five attacks on moped drivers on July 13

Superintendent Mark Payne told The Sun thefts were mainly targeting mobile phones.

He said: “The thieves practice snatching phones from each other on stolen mopeds before heading onto the streets.

“They aim to snatch a phone while a victim is talking so the device is unlocked and they can reset it and sell it on.

“Or they will steal a phone and sell it for its parts. It is a big market.

“A large proportion of thefts are carried out around train stations where people will look at their phone for emails and messages before and after journeys.”
East London has seen a spate of serious moped related crimes in the past few months.

Danny Pearce, a 31-year-old from Bromley, was stabbed and killed in Greenwich after two men approached him on a moped and reportedly ordered him to hand over his smartphone in the early hours of Saturday, July 15.

On Thursday, July 13, five moped drivers were attacked with acid in just 90 minutes across the East End and Islington, leaving one man with life-changing injuries.

A moped carrying two men sprayed acid at the victims, stealing two of the scooters in the process. A 16-year-old boy has been charged in connection with 15 offences relating to the robberies and a 15-year-old has been released on bail.

Met figures on moped-enabled offences

2014: 1,056

2015: 4,666

2016: 9,097

2017 (to 31 May): 8,192

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