As he signed copies of his autobiography in Canary Wharf, former England cricketer Jonathan Trott revealed that he did not take enough time to enjoy some of the highs of his international career.

The Warwickshire batsman made the comment as he recounted his experience of writing his book Unguarded while he met fans in Jubilee Place.

Jonathan said: “It’s been a good experience and I always wondered whether I’d be good enough to turn it into a book at the end of my international career.

“You get a bit of closure writing it and you actually think ‘oh jeez, what a great memory that is’ when you are reminded of the good times.

“In sport you don’t like reminiscing too much because you’re standing still, you feel in the past when you always want to look forward to the next game.

Jonathan signs books for fans in Jubilee Place

“Sometimes when I’m looking back on a few things I wish I had taken it in and enjoyed things a bit more.”

Unguarded focuses on Jonathan’s career so far and provides insight on the highs and lows over the years, including leaving the Ashes in November 2013 after he became ill with anxiety and stress.

This recently caused a media storm after former captain Michael Vaughan said he felt a “little bit conned” by the reasons put forward for Jonathan’s decision to leave.

Jonathan said: “I try and be as open and honest as possible to give the reader a good insight into what it’s like playing international sport.

“There’s a selection of highs and lows and dealing with international sport and the glitz and glamour that goes with it all.

Jonathan Trott was happy to pose for pictures during the event

“But also it’s the hard work, the time and sacrifices you have to make and go through in order to get there so I try and capture that in the book and how it all works.

“I’ve been pretty open the whole time, there wasn’t anything revolutionary, it’s just giving people an insight and how I operate and how hard I worked to play for England.”

Summarising his time playing for England he said: “It was a fantastic experience. I played in a fantastic side and I’m privileged to have played in the team that I did and with the players that I played with.

“We’re very lucky in England to get the support we do for test match cricket and playing in front of a packed house was always a fantastic feeling.”

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