A driver fled the scene of a crash in Blackheath last night after his car collided with a double decker bus, according to the Police.

The collision happened at the Sun-in-the-Sands roundabout at about 3am on Sunday, May 3.

Security officer Shane Gillespie, 27, who passed the scene last night and took the photo above told the News Shopper : "I just came across the crash.

"It was a black Volkswagen and it looked like it was speeding and had gone into the side of the bus.

"The car was very damaged, inside all the airbags had gone off.

"It was the side of the bus which was more damaged, the front of the bus on the corner where you should have the lights, they were gone."

Police said there were no injuries as a result of a collision but appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

Any witnesses should call police on 101.