A copy of the Magna Carta has been put on display at the University Of Greenwich .

The exhibit is a parchment facsimile of one of the original copies of the document, which is held at the British Library.

A version of the Great Seal, which was used to show the sovereign’s approval of state documents, is also attached.

The Magna Carta was drafted in 1215 and imposed on King John by a group of Barons and Bishops.

It presented the idea that nobody was above the law, while protecting church rights and protecting the barons from illegal imprisonment.

There are only four surviving copies of the original.

Also on display is a translation of the Magna Carta and two banners.

One explains its significance as the first document imposed on a King of England in an attempt to limit his powers while protecting the rebel barons’ rights.

The other is a biography of Geoffrey de Saye, one of the rebel barons, who was from west Greenwich.

This exhibition in the university’s Stockwell Street building at the library entrance was created by the Magna Carta Barons Association , which represents the 22 towns and villages of the rebel barons.

The pieces are on loan to the university until the end of August.

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