Remember the coffee shop that had a swearword in its name so had to take its sign down? It’s back, with a (sort of) new name.

F**koffee coffee shop in Bermondsey Street received a letter from lawyers representing its building’s landlords on October 21 telling them to take the sign down or risk facing legal action.

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In an interview with the Wharf, the shop’s manager Adrian Jones conceded he would have to take down the sign, which was made of Lego, but declared a new one would be up shortly.

And, sure enough, the coffee shop’s official Twitter feed has posted a picture of a brand new sign. Its name is practically the same, but the “u” has been replaced with an asterisk, obscuring the swearword completely.

Adrian Jones told the Wharf on October 23: “It’s a storm in a tea cup, really. It was just a bit of fun when we first changed the name, but our sales went up by about 20% since then.

“We will probably have to change it again, but I have been in this game for a long time and things change.”

The coffee shop was opened in 1999 as Brick Lane Coffee, and Adrian proudly claims it pre-dates Starbucks ’ UK operation.

“The name was changed two years ago,” he said. “I was on holiday and had a bottle of wine when I had the idea. I texted the maintenance man telling him to change the name.

“I didn’t think he’d do it, and I forgot all about it until I came home and all hell had broken loose.”