Beleaguered London commuters faced more obstacles on the way to work on Thursday as London Underground workers disrupted Tube services.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union on the Central line walked out for 24 hours at 9pm on Wednesday night in a row over the “displacement” of staff to cover shortages.

British Transport Police reported the line, which links east London to the centre, was "incredibly busy".

The Waterloo & City line was expected to close because of the strike. LU said it hoped to run services at least through morning peak but the line close at 10am and "we don't know a time for resumption (if at all)".

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Pickets are out in force this morning and support for the action is absolutely solid in all depots.

“If LU are allowed to get away with this move on the Central line, they will start shunting drivers around at the drop of a hat regardless of the consequences. Our members will be sent out from pillar to post to plug gaps that are solely down to staffing shortages.”

LU said the strike was unnecessary.

The Ernest Bevin free Woolwich ferry
The Ernest Bevin free Woolwich ferry

Meanwhile, TfL has warned road users of likely disruption for the first of a series of strikes by Woolwich Ferry workers, bringing the service to a halt on Friday (January 27).

The Unite and GMB unions are planning to strike in a dispute with Briggs Marine, which operates the service. The unions are claiming that a culture of bullying and harassment has prompted the action supported by the majority of the union workforce.

TfL’s director of operations for surface transport Peter Blake said: “We urge Briggs Marine, Unite and GMB to resolve this dispute as quickly as possible to avoid any disruption for Londoners. We hope a solution can be reached during the talks that are planned.”

TfL advice

Road users who would normally cross the river by ferry are advised to use the Blackwall Tunnel (height limit of 4 metres or 13 feet) or to check the TfL website for further travel advice.

TfL will be providing real-time roads information from @TfLTrafficNews so that drivers can keep up to date with the latest traffic conditions.

Pedestrians who would normally catch the ferry are advised to use the pedestrian tunnels at either Woolwich or Greenwich, both of which have lifts, depending on their destination.