Eastenders Pie N Mash has been the Tuesday lunchtime go-to for Amy Sarjeant for 50 years - so staff got creative with the comfort food to mark her 100th birthday.

The cusp of her centenary, on June 12, saw the chirpy Cockney at her favourite table with pals Theresa Morris, Sister Christine Frost and former dance partner, Georgie Wood.

Flaky pastry lids topped with "100 Amy" handiwork were the opening course for a weekend of gatherings surrounding her special day, on June 13.

Son David revealed her taste for East End grub had switched during five decades - from plates of eels to the shop’s mincemeat and veggie pies.

For the cheery birthday girl, decked out in polka dot frock, munching came second to chatting with the many well-wishers flocking into the All Saints shop.

“Hello darlin’,” she said, eyes sparkling as she greeted a fellow diner who handed over cards and a bouquet.

“Aren’t these flowers lovely?”

“When I was right, I used to come here every week,” she added, before plumping for a mincemeat pie.

“I only have the one pie, and mash, and liquor, it’s lovely.

“You see, being 100, it feel just the same, but I’m 100 years older.”

Poplar HARCA social worker Theresa said Amy was a true East Ender with a “lovely” character.

“She’s a really sweet lady, a tiny little thing, but she knows how to speak her mind,” she said.

“Recently she’s not been able to get out but I would go up and visit and she’ll be telling me gossip - I’d say ‘ how do you find that out?’

“She always knows something.”

Before dishing up the lunch, shop owner Bryan Boulter proudly said there would always be a demand for the area’s signature dishes.

“The food’s been passed down as a tradition,” he said.

“The demographic’s changed but there’s still the East Enders who love it here. They’re not going to go anywhere.

“That’s what makes these shops too - we have people that come here for pie and mash every single day.

“It’s lovely to have a customer like Amy, it’s really nice.”

Son David added the cafe was much more than a shop for his 100-year-old mum.

“It’s not just the shop, it’s Poplar too,” he said.

“She hated moving, even through she’s only in Stepney and it’s around the corner, she was saying ‘I don’t’ want to be out of Poplar’.

“It’s really important she comes back here.

“She feels she’s still got that touch with her life.”

“She’s finding her birthday quite amazing to be honest - she’s saying ‘I don’t believe it’

“She’s always had a great resilience and strength in all adversity though.

“It’s such a special moment.”

Amy Sarjeant celebrates her 100th birthday with pie and mash at Eastenders Pie 'N' Mash