Spring forward, fall back. Always reliable for when the clocks change. Unless you’re inclined to fall forward. Either way, the clocks change regardless of your mechanical propensities and this year it happens on Sunday, October 25.

At 2am on that day, the clocks go back to 1am, which means you’ve lost an hour’s sleep, the mornings are lighter and the evenings darker. Change mechanical clocks although increasingly in our interconnected world computers and the like make the switch automatically.

At that dismal point is officially the end of summertime and the moment that those in the environs of Greenwich can reclaim our bragging rights as we enter Greenwich Mean Time which officially lives in Flamsteed House.

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October 25 has been declared National Sleep-In Day by the Sleep Council, which presumably have no children.

The departing time shift of British Summertime was the idea of William Willett who in 1907 wanted people up and about earlier. Although he wanted this down in stages throughout the summer.

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He died before his scheme was implemented which occurred at the height of the First World War with both Germans and Brits adopting a system which was adopted to boost productivity.

Little did Willett know that his great-great-grandson would make the case for Clocks and Daylight as the lead singer of Coldplay. Step forward Mr Chris Martin.