It’s the day when any true Londoner celebrates as the country returns to the fine, upstanding and never-bettered Greenwich Mean Time .

On 2am on Sunday, October 30, we cast aside that pesky young upstart British Summer Time and put the Royal Observatory back at the heart of the country’s chronological integrity.

To celebrate this day of London-centric rejoicing, we allow the whole country to get an extra hour in bed as 2am becomes 1am again – just like that time you had all those vodka Red Bulls and an “aspirin” and you thought you could control time. And the 473 bus, we recall.

Back in the day, it was a chore going around the house changing all the clocks – that awkward one on the wall behind the sink, that fiddly one you use as a back-up alarm clock, that one on the VCR that had that weird button combo and you had to call in the man from the shop.

These days the kindly people at Apple, Samsung and their ilk do all the work for you so mostly it’s a case of snoozing on in oblivion.

Remember, time is relative. If you work at the top of One Canada Square you’re ageing slower relative to the guy who hands out the papers by the Tube but – sssh! – that’s our little secret.


Sunday, October 30 at 2am