As Londoners gear up for a week of disruption with two 24-hour Tube strikes, one alternative method of getting to work has disappeared.

The RMT said that workers on City Cruises, which operates from Westminster to Greenwich, will strike on Thursday, August 27, between 7am and 8pm over pay.

While Bermondsey-based City Cruises is not aimed at commuters, like the Thames Clippers, it will result in further disruption as it coincides with the second one day strike by rail unions.

RMT said: “City Cruises services are often touted as an alternative to London Underground services during industrial action. The action next week coincides with a second 24 hour Tube strike.”

RMT, TSSA and Unite members will stop work on August 25 and August 27, with knock-ons throughout the week, in their dispute over the introduction of the Night Tube service.

Aslef has pulled out of this latest action and there were signs that London Underground and its staff were nearing a resolution but it is believed that the action remains on with talks continuing on Monday, August 24.