So when does Christmas really start? When everyone gets back to work after the summer break? When the first mince pies appear in Tesco. When the Canary Wharf ice rink opens ? When the John Lewis advert is revealed.

Either way, the annual gripe is the same: “Christmas gets earlier every year.”

For some, the Christmas lights and adverts that begin to come on in November show that the season has become too commercialised.

Now The Wharf can reveal that we really do start thinking about the festive season earlier than ever before.

Google publishes search data on its Trends service showing how frequently people are typing search terms into their engines compared to everything else internet users look for on a typical day.

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It works as an index, with 100 indicating record interest and 0 meaning virtually no one is bothered.

For the week beginning Monday, November 2, the interest in Christmas in Britain on Google came in at 23 out of 100.

Last week was the 45th of 2015 – and this 23 score was the highest interest in Christmas on record for week 45 in the UK.

For comparison, back in 2010 the score was 14 for the same week.

It’s not just week 45 either – for the past seven weeks and counting, people have been searching for Christmas in Britain on Google at record levels.

Interest in Christmas hit an all-time high in the country in week 52 last year, which began on Monday December 22.

The search engine has data running back to 2004.

Search interest in Christmas

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