Ambulance crews took one person to hospital after thick smoke engulfed a distribution warehouse in Charlton.

The London Ambulance Service also assessed 200 more for smoke inhalation as more than 70 firefighters tackled flames bursting from a warehouse in Lombard Wall, Charlton, on Monday, May 18.

AS IT BROKE: Greenwich residents watch as smoke billows

The thick black clouds - clearly visible from Canary Wharf - were brought under control by 6.30pm, just over two hours after the incident was reported.

Six lorries were damaged as well as a small section of the building.

London Fire Brigade station manager Bruce Grain said: “During its early stages this was a very intense fire. “Crews wearing breathing apparatus attacked it extremely quickly and thanks to their efforts the fire was prevented from spreading any further into the warehouse and causing even more damage.

“The distribution centre was fitted with a sprinkler system which activated and this also helped reduce the impact of the blaze on the main building.”

Carpet Smart employee Martin Harris - working on the same road - told The Wharf he believed the incident was centred on a Sainsbury’s distribution depot.

He said: “There was big black smoke billowing out of the top for a good half an hour at least.

“The smoke died down and the fire service worked hard to do what it had to do.”