Changes to London City Airport’s flight paths might have resulted for increased noise pollution for Greenwich and Lewisham residents.

The airport became one of the first to implement parts of the National Air Traffic Services programme that brings in narrower flight paths in the hope of reducing carbon emissions.

But as a result, plane activity has become more concentrated over parts of London, including Catford, Lee and Eltham and protesters believe it’s led to an increase in noise.

Campaign group Hacan East has opposed the changes and is trying to get the decision reversed.

Greenwich and Lewisham London Assembly member Len Duvall said: “It is vital that residents who are suffering from increased noise pollution make their voices heard on this important issue.

“Any steps to reduce the environmental impact of flying should be welcomed, but this should be balanced with the needs of residents. There is technology available on the airport’s website which can help people track which flights are making noise near them.

“I would urge anybody effected not only to contact the airport but to also get in touch with me, their local council or their MP.”

The airport will be reviewing the flight paths in early 2017 and will be taking feedback from residents.

LCY can be contacted by email at or by phone on 0207 646 0200.

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