The group which famously attacked a cereal cafe in east London says it plans to hold a demonstration outside the Jack The Ripper museum in Whitechapel.

A protest had been organised on Sunday, October 4, by demonstrators who opposed the opening of the museum during the summer.

But anarchist revolutionary group Class War has announced on its Facebook page it will hold a demonstration against the museum on the same day.

The group hit the headlines after attacking Cereal Killers cafe in Shoreditch during a demonstration against gentrification on September 26.

A spokesman for the Jack The Ripper Museum said: “Naturally we are upset to hear that another local business in the East End has been targeted by violence and criminal damage, as we have been in the recent past. Our sympathies go to the owners of Cereal Killers, their staff and customers.

“Having met with delegates from Class War for a coffee only a few weeks ago and enjoying a friendly rapport with them, I’m disappointed that they have planned another attack on the museum – rather than working with us on our mission to tell the stories of the women of the East End and helping us with our upcoming exhibition schedules, charity work, debates and fundraising.

“Despite Class War’s claims, we have not deviated from our initial mission set in our application – just changed our primary focus to ensure mass appeal – giving other stories about the women of the East End a bigger platform to be told.”

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Museum owner Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe said: “I have spent my entire life campaigning for diversity and equality. I utterly deplore violence against women and have actively worked with charities that tackle domestic violence and trafficking of women.

“I intend to work with the community of Tower Hamlets by supporting local women’s charities, providing employment and training for local people and revitalising the area around Cable Street.”

The Wharf approached Class War for a comment. Its email response read: “F*** off c***.”