Waiting for your luggage after a holiday must rank as one of the most depressing moments of a typical British summer, unless your flight arrived at London City Airport during a beer brand’s stunt.

Danish beer company Carlsberg staged a beer giveaway at the the Royal Docks terminal – giving out crates of its lager to surprised air-travellers.

Each 12-pack box of lagers was labelled “Take me home, I’m yours”, as the company placed them on the baggage carousel for passengers waiting to collect suitcases.

After filming the event, the company has used the footage for a new advert , entitled If Carlsberg Did Cases.

Carlsberg UK’s senior brand manager Dharmesh Rana said: “Waiting for your luggage when you get home from holiday is that defining moment when you know that your trip is over.

“You go from the highs of being on holiday back to the reality of returning to work, that’s why we decided to cheer up returning holidaymakers with a crate of ice-cold Carlsberg.

“We hope our gift made the process of unpacking that little bit more bearable.”