One of my fellow school runners has generously offered to pick up Master A for me in the mornings.

This would have a huge impact on my morning routine, cutting down my daily commute by half, not to mention my stress levels.

It makes perfect sense but...

It suddenly got me thinking, made me realise that I actually don’t want to give up this time with my son. It’s a precious 20 minutes of quality time spent together. A time when we talk, discuss issues, sing wildly along to crazy songs, laugh out loud, even practice our dance moves – albeit confined to our upper bodies.

It’s probably the only time in the day when we’re without gadgets and other distractions (driving doesn’t count), simply a mum and her son sharing uninterrupted time together. The morning school run has in fact become a facilitator of togetherness, a place for us to share and connect.

It transpires Master A and I are not the only ones out there experiencing these car bonding moments. I mentioned it to another mum, who agreed that the short journey to and from school spent in the car with her son, was when she could quiz him on “stuff”, when he actually opened up to her about anything bothering him.

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Anthropologists are even studying these shifts in behaviour patterns (it’s termed ethnology) working with businesses to apply their findings to the working world.

If time spent in the car on the school run is now one of the only places that families spend quality time then it’s little wonder that car makers are taking a keen interest in these studies. It makes the car a much more interesting commodity to the manufacturer and consumer.

It would appear the school run is now what the dinner table once was or Sunday evenings round the wireless.

Although, this may seem a rather sorry state of affairs I’m somewhat heartened that there is a space, albeit a rather brief and not overly obvious one, in Master A and my busy world where we get the chance to simply be.

Working Mum, tackling road rage next.