Here are just some of the beautiful shots of E14 wildlife that have been captured as part of the Canary Wharf Wildlife Photography Competition .

The finalists were chosen as part of a competition celebrating the diversity of flora and fauna in the area.

The winner will receive a £100 Canary Wharf gift card, while shortlisted entries will be displayed at Adam’s Plaza Bridge.

Canary Wharf has a surprisingly large amount of wildlife living in its trees, waters and soil.

One particularly famous resident is Sammy the seal who likes to visit Billingsgate Market for breakfast and carries around a drain pipe to scare away birds from any potential perching places.

Christopher Andreou's Red Leaf

There are also 40,000 honeybees living on the roof of KPMG over two hives that are rule over by queen bees Heidi Klum and Beyonce.

Canary Wharf wildlife facts:

  • Microlestes minutus, a ground beetle, was only found six times in Britain up to 2006 - twice were on a green roof in Canary Wharf.
  • Canary Wharf was once the stronghold for the black redstart breeding population in London during the 1950’s and some birds may still be present in the area.

  • A big deal has been made about seals choosing the area as their main home in London but, apparently, harbour porpoises can also be spotted – look out for their small fins sticking out of the water.

  • The Hare’s-foot clover usually prefers sandy environments and is disappearing from ground level meadows, but doing well on the green roof at Westferry Circus.