Make sure you do a little research before you grab a bite to eat in east London, as some places may not be quite as clean as they seem.

Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Greenwich are among the London boroughs that are home to restaurants and takeaways that have been given zero points on the Food Standards Agency website.

One of the 17 Tower Hamlets eateries that is listed as scoring 0/5 was Yuhoki Restaurant in South Quay, which serves up fish and rice dishes. Others included Sticky Wings in Brick Lane and Sushi Lovers in Bethnal Green Road.

Nowhere on the Canary Wharf estate scored zero, but Birleys Kiosk (one of six), Lolas Cupcakes and Kruger were among those that are listed as scoring 1/5 and Bene Bene, Rocket, The Fine Line, Cat and Canary and Via are listed as scoring 2/5.

ITV News carried out an investigation into food safety standards, which found that 358 establishments across London have been given the lowest rating possible on recent inspections.

If a venue receives 0/5 the owners have 14 days to appeal the rating and must make the “urgent improvements” required.

A venue that receives 1/5 requires “major improvements” and one that received 2/5 requires “improvements”.

In Newham 12 takeaways, 10 restaurants and one pub got 0/5, in Hackney three takeaways and three restaurants scored zero and in Greenwich there were four takeaways with the lowest rating.

Meanwhile, a number of restaurants are concerned that they have been listed incorrectly on the website and have presented their certificates to The Wharf to prove their case.

Cafe Brera's Jubilee Place branch has been incorrectly listed on the website as having 2/5 stars, but The Wharf has learnt they received 4/5 stars at an inspection carried out on May 10, 2015.

Supernatural was also listed incorrectly as having 1/5 stars, but it in fact scored 4/5 in an inspection on September 21, 2015.

Crussh was also listed as having 2/5 stars but The Wharf was contacted by the inspector who had given the juice bar 5/5 on September 25 last year with the paperwork showing that was the case.

We are in contact with the Food Standards Agency to get an explanation over the discrepancies.