Honey made by Canary Wharf bees is now tickling the taste buds of London diners.

KPMG ’s 40,000-strong rooftop swarm has produced its first major batch of the sweet stuff and it has been given the seal of approval by the firm’s in house chefs.

They have created a series of dishes to showcase the unique taste of the Docklands delight at the firm’s west London meeting space, Number 20

KPMG executive chef Michael Lipscombe said: “It has a strong floral tone due to the bees producing it traveling to the surrounding parks including Greenwich.

“Our pastry chef Martin Stone has used it in a honey parfait paired with apple and honeycomb, where the floral notes really set the dish off. Also at the moment he is using it for some beautiful honey madeleines, which all guests who have tea and coffee receive.”

A KPMG chef glazes some madeleines with the honey

The professional services firm has kept two hives on top of its headquarters since 2013 offering workers an insight into how incredibly important these animals are for our environment.

The project is part of a series of programmes across London and the rest of the UK designed to reverse the decline in the striped insect’s population.

They were set up with the help of Urban Bees and are ruled over by queen bees Beyonce and Heidi Klum (or to give them their proper bee names Beeyonce and Hive-di Klum) who seem to be doing a model job.

To date there is still a long waiting list to visit them on the roof and speak to the resident bee experts, Brian McCallum and Alison Benjamin from Urban Bees, to learn more about what the bees get up to and how they benefit the local environment.

Visitors and staff can also catch a glimpse inside the hives via a bee-cam in the Canary Wharf office .

KPMG’s environment assistant manager Sam McCarthy said: “For us keeping the bees is a tangible link to the environment and aids us in explaining to our guests, whether they are visitors from local schools or interested clients, about climate change.”

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