I’m open to almost anything when it comes to finding a solution to Master A’s persistent lack of concentration.

I’ve investigated the Ritalin route, looked into therapy but, as yet, nothing has resonated.

His report card came home on Friday, just before half term, and it made for dismal reading: “Could do better if he would only concentrate. Lacks concentration for any length of time. Easily distracted.”

At the weekend, we went to stay with some friends who live in Brighton.

Our weekend consisted of mooching around the lanes, walks along the sea front and some super fine food stops.

We couldn’t visit Brighton without paying a trip to its rather spectacular Lego store either where Master A spent almost two hours – along with his £125 birthday money.

While in the North Lanes, Master A spied an interesting little shop that sold crystals and semi-precious stones.

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Like a magpie, he flew straight through the door and then, as if spellbound, stood in the middle of the shop, turning slowly to take in all the glorious charms, dangling wind chimes and cornucopia of crystals and gems.

The shop assistant, a heavily-tattooed young lady, with dyed orange hair styled in a 1950s-inspired updo, smiled at him.

“You really like to build things, don’t you?” she said, pointing to his bright yellow Lego bag. He nodded.

“I think you’re going to be an engineer when you grow up,” she added. “You will need to work hard though.”

She then walked over to one of the many dishes containing tumbled stones, picked out one and handed it to Master A.

“Here, this is for you. It’s called Prehenite. It will help you to concentrate when you’re in class – just like you do when you build your Lego.”

Master A was thrilled with his pale green stone, I was somewhat puzzled. But before I could ask Mystic Meg any questions about the stone and what she had said to Master A, she was off speaking to another customer.

Can a stone really aid Master A with his concentration issues? I’m willing to give it a go.