A mother has been left in tears after a restaurant manager allegedly berated her for changing her baby’s nappy in an outside seating area.

The 31-year-old mum had been eating at the restaurant with her one-year-old twins Luca and Zack when one of the boys soiled his nappy and she was forced to change it there and then.

According to the mum, she was then allegedly confronted by the Guildford cafe manager who said customers had complained.

On social media, the mum has received heaps of support while the manager has been vilified.

Last week, Master A was at a cricket camp. He was with a group of boys and girls aged from around seven to 14 years old.

On the last day, the mums organised a picnic at the end of the session. In between batting, fielding and keeping wicket, the children were running backwards and forwards, grabbing food and drink while the mums sat on picnic blankets, sipping rose and gossiping.

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It was a lovely early evening – until one of the mums decided to change the soiled nappy of her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter.

Despite there being changing facilities in the clubhouse, she placed her daughter on one of the picnic blankets, besides slices of quiche and bowls of quinoa, and began to clean up her daughter.

It seemed that suddenly everyone had reached their fill of food. The smell overpowering, many of the mums could be seen visibly gagging.

Samosas and half-nibbled cheese wheels were suddenly no longer palatable, hastily thrown into the nearest refuse sack. Wine was being gulped down like water to try to numb the senses.

I understand it’s important to change a dirty nappy, not to leave a child feeling unclean and uncomfortable.

Nature of the beast

And often it’s not always easy or convenient. I remember with Master A, there were times I’d spend around 15minutes changing his nappy in a tiny, often stinky, cubicle. I’d finally get him clean, start to pack up all the paraphernalia, only for him to do another poop and I’d have to start all over again.

It wasn’t fun but it was the nature of the little beast – my little poopy chap, no-one else’s.

When faced with a dirty diaper, parents should spare a thought, show consideration, to those around them. These experiences are most definitely not meant to be shared.