A busker has said performing on London’s streets and Tube network can be some of the best paid gigs.

After attending The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance singer/songwriter Ruper Caney set about performing original material and Top 40 hits at various gigs.

But he said he had been looking to get one of London’s licensed busking spots for more than a year now as performing that way was often more lucrative than other performance spaces.

Rupert was in Canary Wharf on Tuesday, July 28, to audition for one of the pitches provided by London Underground through the Busk for London competition. A total of 46 performers took part over two days.

He said: “I really enjoyed (the audition). I was nervous at first, but I think the adrenaline kicked in and then it was fine.

“Performing this way isn’t for everyone and it can be rather nerve-wracking but you get such a buzz from it.

“Other than performing at weddings, which of course can be well paid, busking is a great way to perform and it is often much better money than your regular venues and pub gigs.”

Three things you need to know about London Underground busking:

1. The London Underground Busking Scheme has now been running for 13 years.

2. There are 35 official busking pitches across the Underground network.

3. That’s more than 1,800 bookable performance slots every week.