Manchester Road Bridge, which connects South Quay and Canary Wharf, will be closed on Sunday, August 23 – the final straw for many residents after facing road closures throughout the month.

Island Gardens resident Ralph Hardwick said: “This will be the third weekend this month that residents will have their normal lives disrupted by the closure of the roads.

“Could it not be between Saturday at 11pm to Sunday at 7am, when the bridge is used the least? It may be convenient for the Canal and River Trust, but it is far from convenient for residents who are also affected by the long term issues with closed roads at Westferry Circus.”

Conservative councillor Andrew Wood, for Canary Wharf ward, also wrote to Tower Hamlets Council regarding the works.

He wrote: “Given the disruption to road traffic why is this taking place during the middle of the day? Most road repairs take place at night.

“The concern is that we have multiple events causing traffic disruption every weekend in August and we need to give residents a break from traffic disruption.

“Why did the council allow this work to go ahead during the day?”

A Canal and River Trust spokesman said it was necessary to do the works during the day because the equipment used was very loud.

The trust is testing the hydraulic functions of the bridge to ensure reliability – and fewer disruptions – in future.

The spokesman said: “The generators we use to test the hydraulics are very, very loud. If we did it at night it would keep everybody awake.

“We appreciate it is a real inconvenience for residents and we apologise, but we would not be doing the works if we didn’t have to, so we have tried to do them at a time when they will still be less of a problem.”

The disruption comes on the back of the London Triathlon which saw road closures to accommodate the bike race and Ride London, which had a similar impact, sealing off the Island’s 40,000 residents.

Cllr Woods is now calling for the triathlon to be re-routed in future years to avoid the continuing problems.

He said: “Blockages with only two roads on and off the island effectively cuts us off, as there are no other exit routes.”