The mayor of Newham has urged residents to come together and “rally against the politics of fear” following the vote for Brexit in the EU Referendum.

Sir Robin Wales accepted the result of the vote after nearly 52% of the country elected to leave the union on Thursday, June 23.

The referendum went down to the wire in Newham , with 55,328 voting remain (52.8%) and 49,371 voting leave (47.2%).

The turnout across the borough was 59.25%.

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Sir Robin said: “We must respect that the people have spoken and voted against remaining part of the European Union.

“In Newham we will continue to work with our neighbours and encourage all residents to come together and respect each other irrespective of their ethnicity or background.

“I am proud of Newham’s diversity and am convinced that we must all rally against the politics of fear to ensure Britain remains a safe, inclusive society.”

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