Boris Johnson has admitted introduced Silvertown Tunnel will barely increase the number of vehicles crossing the river.

The Mayor and Transport for London have stated before that the nearly £1billion tunnel between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks is vital to ease long queues at Blackwall Tunnel.

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But, in a written answer to the London Assembly, Mr Johnson said: “The overall daily traffic flows are expected to show little change if the Silvertown tunnel scheme is implemented — at around 48,000 vehicles in each direction.”

Green Assembly member Darren Johnson said: “The Mayor has argued that there is huge and growing demand for cross-river travel that justifies the expense and environmental chaos the tunnel would bring.

London mayor Boris Johnson

ALSO ONLINE: Why Silvertown Tunnel is essential for east London

“But his own team predicts that once you toll the crossing there will be no increase in demand to cross the Thames at this point.

“While I am very sceptical about the accuracy of these predictions, it doesn’t make any sense to spend nearly £1 billion on an additional road you argue will be used by even fewer drivers than the existing one.

“If you want to deal with jams and excess demand just put in tolls on Blackwall [Tunnel] now, use the money to invest in public transport and see if that solves the problem.”

Tfl held its final road show event - as part of a consultation on the plans - in east London on Thursday, November 26, but people can still have their say online until Sunday, November 29. -

If the scheme were given the go ahead it could be in place by 2022/23.